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Quality High Performance & Upgrade Services for Mopar Muscle Cars:

At Morris’ Mopars LLC, located in central Illinois, Mopar Performance has been our passion for over 25 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we have taken our passion for Mopars and turned it into a business that offers customers the chance to upgrade their Mopar muscle car. We specialize in a variety of restorations and upgrade services including engine builds, aftermarket wiring, rear-end rebuilds, and more. Let us help get your Mopar performing like you know it should!

OEM Style Restoration

Components from the original equipment manufacturer offer a number of advantages compared to aftermarket parts. You want nothing but the best for your vehicle to enjoy the same levels of safety and performance that you’ve come to expect. If you decide to choose OEM car parts exclusively in your restoration, you’ll enjoy the continuity that the manufacturer intended when they first designed the car. You won’t have to worry about the part’s quality or if it will function with the rest of your vehicle. At Morris Mopars, you have our guarantee that your parts will be a perfect fit and complement the integrity of your vehicle. Trust us to restore your classic car and you will love the results.

Stock & High-Performance Engine Builds

Morris Mopars in Central IL excels in crafting stock and high-performance engine builds that breathe new life into classic cars. Our expertise lies in the meticulous restoration of vintage vehicles, blending automotive artistry with precision engineering. Whether it’s reviving a stock engine to its original glory or pushing the boundaries with a high-performance upgrade, Morris Mopars takes pride in delivering excellence. Each build reflects our commitment to preserving automotive history while infusing modern power and reliability. With a passion for classic car restoration, our team ensures that every engine build is a masterpiece, captivating both purists and performance enthusiasts alike.

rebuilding 440 plymouth engine
collection of classic muscle cars before restoration

Car & Parts Locator

Whether you’ve been a devoted classic car enthusiast for years or are newly discovering the joys of owning a Mopar vehicle, finding a perfectly preserved classic is nearly impossible. Fortunately, obtaining original parts for these vehicles is easier than you might think! Morris Mopars boasts over two decades of expertise in sourcing entire cars and a variety of parts for clients in Central IL and its surrounding areas. Contact us today and we’ll collaborate with you to track down the authentic, matching part your classic car deserves. We understand the close relationship between man and machine and we know you want the best for your vehicle—luckily, that’s exactly the quality we deliver on parts & service!

Resto Mod/Pro Touring Builds

At Morris Mopars, a prominent classic car restoration business in Central IL, we specialize in Rest MOD/PRO Touring Builds, elevating the driving experience of vintage automobiles. Renowned for our craftsmanship, we transform classic cars into high-performance marvels, blending modern technology with nostalgic aesthetics. These Rest MOD/PRO Touring Builds reflect a fusion of cutting-edge modifications and meticulous attention to detail, offering clients an unparalleled driving sensation. With a passion for preserving automotive history while enhancing performance, Morris Mopars brings a unique blend of innovation and tradition to every Rest MOD/PRO Touring project we undertake.