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Quality High Performance & Upgrade Services for Mopar Muscle Cars:

At Morris’ Mopars LLC, located in central Illinois, Mopar Performance has been our passion for over 25 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we have taken our passion for Mopars and turned it into a business that offers customers the chance to upgrade their Mopar muscle car. We specialize in a variety of restorations and upgrade services including engine builds, aftermarket wiring, rear-end rebuilds, and more. Let us help get your Mopar performing like you know it should!

before and after 8 3/4 rear end rebuild

Rear End Rebuilds

If you are looking into rebuilding a classic Mopar vehicle, one of the first projects you are going to want to tackle is the rear end. The rear end, or differential, is by far one of the most complex systems on your muscle car as it keeps your vehicle in control at all speeds and on a variety of terrain. At Morris’ Mopars LLC, we have over 25 years of experience and specialization in 8 ¾ rear end rebuilds for a wide selection of Mopar vehicles. Our team of mechanics is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road with quality rear end upgrades that last for years to come. For more information on your specific project, reach out to us today.

Car & Parts Locator

Whether you’re a long-time hobbyist of classic cars or are just getting your foot in the door of owning a Mopar vehicle, the chances of you finding a classic in perfect condition is just impossible. Thankfully, finding original parts for these vehicles is easier than you may think! Our experts at Morris’ Mopars LLC have over two decades of experience finding entire cars and parts of all kinds for customers in central IL, and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us today and we will work with you to locate the authentic, matching part for your classic cars.

old plymouth muscle car before improvements
rebuilding 440 plymouth engine

Stock Builds & Custom Engine Builds

If you are a Mopar classic enthusiast like us, then you know that eventually, investing in a stock build or custom engine build is necessary to truly feel the power of these vehicles. At Morris’ Mopars LLC, we have over two decades of experience restoring a variety of Mopar vehicles by upgrading non-working engines and transforming these classic muscle cars into racing machines. Whether you’re looking to upgrade for personal enjoyment or street racing events, our mechanics will work with you to find the perfect custom engine build that fits your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our stock builds and custom engine services in central IL.

OEM & Aftermarket Wiring & Accessories

As passionate classic car experts, we know how important it is for Mopar owners to find authentic parts for their vehicles when repairs are needed. Unfortunately, with such a saturated market, it can sometimes be difficult to find true parts for your classic vehicles without knowing someone in the industry. At Morris’ Mopars LLC, we offer OEM parts, accessories, and aftermarket wiring products and services to our local customers in central Illinois, and the surrounding areas. If you own a classic Mopar muscle car and require a specific part to get it back on the road, contact our shop today!

hand holding a set of concealed wires
close up of installed Gerst suspension kit

Steering & Suspension Upgrades

Steering and suspension is often overlooked. At Morris’ Mopars we will inspect the system and recommend upgrades or repairs within your budget. Rather its OEM or racing suspension upgrades we can do it all. Safety is our main concern when it comes to your Mopars’ steering and suspension. If you notice that your classic car is pulling in one direction or you feel vibrations in your suspension while driving, reach out to our mechanics and we will restore your steering and suspension systems with original Mopar parts.